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My Completed Games List! Always Updating!

Hat Kid

Welcome to my list of completed games. This is a big list of all the games I've beaten since I started recording what games I beat back in 2012. The ratings I've placed next to each one are my own personal opnion. Some games don't have ratings because I don't really remember what I feel about that game and I don't want to go back and beat it again to find out. Fighting games are featured on this list if I can beat the singleplayer story mode on normal difficulty with 3 characters that don't have similar movesets(ie. Can't beat Street Fighter using Ryu, Ken, and Sakura because they all use a similar moveset). I think that's a pretty fair metric for those games.


Game Name Year Beaten Rating Notes
Long Gone Days 2018 6.7/10 This is for Chapter 1 only. Excellent if short and the turn based battle system feels a bit weird for a game about the emotional elements of war. Also features highly authoritative secret underground child soldier factory that only knows how to act like an anime villain.
Frostbite: Deadly Climate 2018 7.2/10 Really solid The Thing based survival horror experience. 1 hour long but its good and its free on Steam. What's not to love?
Deus Ex Human Revolution - Director's Cut 2018 6/10 A game with fantastic hub world design that is brought down by its story. Combat is decent, if clanky and more akin to MGS than Deus Ex. Missing Link DLC breaks pacing hard. No real reason to use any of the heavy power weapons. Silenced 10mm pistol will get you through the whole game.
Far Cry 5 2018 6/10 A better, more refined gameplay loop from Far Cry 3/4 that lasts a bit too long campaign wise and offers up a mixed message about cults.
The Red Strings Club 2018 8/10 A very good transhumanist cyberpunk bartending game. Good on player choice even if it does like to call you stupid for it. Best social engineering telephone calls.
A Hat in Time 2018 9.9/10 The greatest 3D platformer of our generation. Or really any generation for that matter. Hat Kid is the coolest and the soundtrack rivals any classic OST.
Emily is Away too 2018 7/10 Great improvements over the original game. Now there are 2 AOL girls to romance. Also has a lot of old music references. Still is a bit lacking in that the 2 girls are the only people you can talk to despite the AOL friendslist being populated with other interesting characters.
Streets of Rogue Alpha 41e 2018 9/10
Doki Doki Literature Club 2017 4/10 What a disappointment. Such potential lost on some shit tier deus ex machina creepypasta.
Hunie Cam Studio 2017 6.5/10 Why...
Resident Evil 4 2017 Large Bass/10
VA-11 HALL-A 2017 9.4/10 Rad Shiba
Sunrider Academy 2016 6/10 Okay time management VN
The Static Speaks My Name 2016 8/10 Weird, short, but clever
Sakura Swim Club 2016 4/10
Wilson Chronicles Beta 2016 5/10 Original relase on Steam. Havent played since. Incomplete levels
Undertale 2015 8/10
Restraint Girl 2015 4/10 Weirdest cookie clicker knockoff
FEAR 2: Reborn DLC 2015 7/10 Good but short DLC
Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty 2015 SCV/10
Pineapple Smash Crew 2015 9.6/10 Amazing soundtrack
HuniePop 2015 7/10
Voices From The Sea 2015 6.9/10 Short and sweet
Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes 2015 7.3/10 Fiddle Simulator 2k15
HyperDimension Neptunia PP 2014 8/10 Great idol dancing game. lots of content
Luftrausers 2014 9.7/10
Proetus 2014 ?
Pokemon Y 2014 9.6/10 Best Pokemon game since Gold/Silver
Rayman Legends 2014 ? Don't remember much but I remember liking it
FEAR 2: Project Origin 2014 9.8/10 The best FEAR game
don't take it personally babe, it just ain't your story 2014 longest title/10 Weird VN
Persist 2014 ?
The Stanley Parable HD Remix 2013 8.5/10 Follow the red line
Digital: A Love Story 2013 8.6/10
Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare 2013 8.7/10 The original Gamejolt version
Long Live The Queen 2013 stabbed/10
Saints Row IV 2013 Gat/10
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters 2013 4.9/10
Hate Plus 2013 9.3/10
Kirby Super Star 2013 ? Don't remember ending much
Gone Home 2013 6.3/10 Steggy Simulator 2k13
Papers, Please 2013 7.9/10
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon 2013 9.1/10
Metro: Last Light 2013 9.2/10 CHEEKI BREEKI 2.0
Katawa Shoujo: Symphony of the Feminists(AKA Katawa Shoujo Lite) 2013 longer title/10 Weirdest flash castlevania game
Poker Night 2 2013 7.8/10
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords 2013 8.1/10 needs friends to play
Bioshock Infinite 2013 8.2/10 BOOKER CATCH
Katawa Shoujo 2013 7.6/10
Aliens: Colonial Marines 2013 2/10 Beat it before patches
Far Cry 3 2013 9/10
Persona 4 Arena 2013 8.4/10 Great fighting game
Street Fighter Alpha 2 2013 ? Not as good as Alpha 3
Killer Instinct 2013 5.7/10 Hasnt held up well
Home 2012 8.5/10 short and sweet
Persona 4 2012 9.2/10
Syndicate 2012 6.8/10 fun shooting but dumb story
Aliens: Infestation 2012 9.1/10 Best Aliens game ever
Saints Row The Third 2012 Professor Genki/10
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes 2012 8.4/10 Not as good as original PS1
STALKER: Call of Pripyat 2012 9.7/CHEEKI BREEKI
Metal Gear Solid 2 2012 8.2/10
Metal Gear Solid 3 2012 9.2/10 SNAAAAKE EAAAATER
The Stanley Parable 2012 8/10 Original mod version
Analogue: A Hate Story 2012 9/10 Best Korean waifs
Dear Esther 2012 7/10 Retail version
QWOP 2012 QWOP/10
Scott Pilgrim vs The World 2012 9.8/10 Best game