The Return of the Goob

Spooky Month Commentary

Hello hello! I hope you are doing well! This year is rough, ain’t it? I think its important to remember some good stuff. The games list was recently updated and, despite me playing relatively the same games I have for a while, I have beaten three times the amount of games as last year! Its not much but it feels like an accomplishment considering how many games today don’t really have “endings” per say. The longer this list goes on, the more I’m gonna have to justify what goes on it and why. Gacha and Games-as-a-Service (GaaS) continue to dominate the market currently. Everyone it seems is playing Genshin Impact but I still can’t bring myself to get back into the gacha mood after waaaay too much time with Girls Frontline and Arknights. Also of note is that PSO2 is confusing as all hell and apparently they are gonna rebuild it entirely and release that sometime next year so I think I’m gonna hold off on playing any more of it. I’ve held out this long afterall lol.

The second and third good things of 2020 are related. I have beat my Goodreads reading challenge for this year as of yesterday or so! That means I have a lot of time left in the year to continue to read assigned class readings. Of which there are a lot. At least my history readings are interesting, my French ones just confuse me. Thirdly good thing is that I am consistently writing short fiction for myself!! This isn’t anything that will ever get published anywhere (not even on here). Its just a nice way to spend my time and relax. I keep drifting between Modern Fantasy and Early Modern Fantasy in my writing. I find there is a lot of room to explore in those genres. Also if any of you care what software I’m using, its Bibisco.

Lastly, it had a long covid break but, my board game group is meeting again!!!! I have a new big table that is perfect for these ocassions. I have had to cut back the amount of people I can invite because of social distancing regulations and my fear of getting sick (honestly I had a mental breakdown back in June over anxiety of getting the virus so I really don’t wanna have it). We have been playing Cyberpunk Red kitbashed with rules from Cyberpunk 2020 since the full Red ruleset is not out yet. I’m continuing to take session notes so maybe I’ll compile my thoughts together to form an interesting blog post over one of the more interesting ones. I’ve been trying to run sessions weekly but due to scheduling restraints on my friends part due to work and grad school its more like a every other week ocassion. One of the other groups I was a part of is considering picking back up now that the GM bought Icewind Dale and seems to like it. It’ll be an online only group, and while I’m not the biggest fan of online sessions, I’ll think it’ll be fun. If only for a chance to be a player for once and not a GM.

My sleep schedule is all sorts of messed up. I keep alternating between sleeping 12 hours or >4 a day. I got a Radrunner ebike a couple months ago with babysitting money and I’m trying to take it out twice a week if weather permits. I do have to look on the bright side and at least this semester I don’t have a giant term paper due…. Just a bunch of smaller ones. I did impulse buy a new RX 5600 XT to replace ol’ reliable RX 580. It just felt like it was time. Nothing wrong with the card physically tho so I’m giving it to my little brother so he can start his own PC build. Dude’s been roughing it out way worse than I did when I was his age. He’s trying to play on a really old Inspiron business laptop and oh god the framerates. At least I could get a consistent 20 FPS in Source engine games on my family PC back in 2012. His handmedown laptop is from that same time period and just black screens when he starts TF2. That ain’t no way to compute lol.

I feel like that’s enough rambling from me for now. I hope you all stay safe and have a wonderful Halloween.

-Spooky Goob

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