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A summary of things

Hello friends! Still me, still Goob. It’s obviously been a bit of an odd time this year but I hope you are well. I know I’m not! My spring semester was a chaotic mess but I have survived and my GPA tanked the hit. Unlike the end of previous semesters I have actually been decently productive in the things I want to do. I have read a good chunk (and am currently ahead of schedule for my GoodReads reading goal for this year YAAAAAY!) and played and beaten some video games. Cloudpunk was really good. Like really good. The soundtrack is amazing go check it out.

On the reading front, while most of my read books for this year are like the last in that they are assigned readings for class, this year I am squeezing in some of my To-Read as well. Despite receiving it a couple months ago, I still have not finished Chassepot to FAMAS but I’m making steady progress. This semester was so harsh on me I think I am just relaxing into a natural state of reading. I am currently remote working my way through the current situation so its nice to get a break from the computer every now and again to sit down with a book. One of my friend groups have also started a book club. It has been going on for a couple months and sadly the first two books I wasn’t able to finish because of the hell of writing a research paper (this time on the history of the M14 and M16 in Vietnam. Again, not a well written paper so I will not post but if anyone wants my sources I will happily give them). I think I am at the tail end of this burst of reading frenzy so we shall see how many more I can get done.

I am also slowly preparing for the end of this current situation and a return to normal tabletop/board game nights some time eventually. As I write, I believe the current release date for Cyberpunk Red is sometime in June so I eagerly await that. The jumpstart rules were really good but lacking in the ways you expect jumpstart rules to be so that you cannot play a long campaign without serious homebrew. I already homebrewed the crap out of it anyway; directly pulling rules and gear from Cyberpunk 2020 to stretch out enough content for my players for a solid couple months of weekly game nights. I might post that later but I will wait until I get the full rulebook in hand so I can see what’s actually supposed to be the rulings. I will say I am deeply disappointed in my players that, when given the printout with all the homebrew cyberwear they could use, no one picked the chainripp. NOT ONE PERSON WANTED A CHAINSAW ARM! Unbelievable. I will post about the adventure sometime though because one of my players was a ridiculously good roleplayer and made all the sessions so much fun and I want to highlight it (and then maybe talk about how I might have helped his first time DMing not derail within 2 sessions).

Two more items I feel like mentioning. Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally released on the PC in the west but its Windows Store exclusive. I am excited to try it out finally. I played enough original PSO and PSO:BB to be ready to explore. There is some talk that its a bit unstable rn so I will hold off. Lastly, this week I will definitely get back to Doom WAD making. Between all the above in life + babysitting a smoll nephew + finally getting addicted to Animal Crossing New Horizons like all my friends means I have had not had a want to tinker in WAD making. I did have a brief Minecraft spell again. I made a beautiful Dwarven fortress into a mountain. I’ll post pics when its done.

That seems to be all of it. I hope you all do well through these times!

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