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A Plague of Plagues - October 22, 2018

Working on a disease focused custom DnD setting. I have torn out classes and spellcasting so it might be better to almost call it its own thing. I’m still using the base 5E character stats and almost all the other rules but I am a bit lazy when it comes to memorizing class abilities and spell lists so I am going to introduce this to my group and we’ll see how it goes. I fully expect them to exploit my custom system and I’m going to keep some notes on how. I’ll upload a smallish player companion to the setting when I feel ready. I’m still in the process of copying all my current setting notes over. I have really sloppy handwriting so that makes the task all the more difficult. For now, here’s one of the diseases I came up with for the setting. I keep looking at other lists online of diseases for 5E so I have to be careful I’m not just directly plagiarizing diseases from other people's’ work but this one is my own creation.

The Deep Cough
A tremendous toll on the lungs, the Deep Cough is quick to spread and easy to die from. A thick, heavy black sludge coats the inside of the infected’s lungs and makes it very hard to breathe. This sludge soaks pathogens and toxins in from the surrounding air and concentrates them. Mostly harmless to the infected while the sludge remains in the lungs, it is deadly poisonous if it makes contact with any other part of the body.